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Collection Kit

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  • Largest Private Tissue Bank in the UK
  • Full Unconditional HTA licence
  • The Only Private Tissue Bank working with the NHS

Welcome to Biovault Family Kong Kong

Welcome to Biovault Family Hong Kong, part of the Biovault Group, the UK’s leading and largest private tissue bank.

Biovault Family offers parents the chance to save their baby’s cord blood at the time of birth.

Biovault has unparalleled expertise in the collection, processing and storage of stem cells from umbilical cord blood, preserving their potential for the future. As a full service tissue bank storing many types of human tissue for transplant, Biovault is fully accredited by the UK’s Human Tissue Authority.

We can and do store cord blood samples for families in the UK, across Europe and further afield and most importantly in a highly ethical way. Our cutting-edge UK facilities and industry-leading processes mean that Biovault has the highest recorded rate of stem cell recovery in the industry, exceeding 95%.

This website aims to provide clear, accurate and factual science-based information on umbilical cord blood collection, processing and storage to help families make an informed decision as to whether it is right for them.

Latest FAQ

You mention storage of cord blood but there is little mention of cord tissue on your website, do you store cord tissue as well?
Yes we do. It is thought that stem cells in the cord tissue could be potentially useful in the future for therapeutic use, however there is currently no proven clinical use for them. Parents have requested that we store cord tissue on their behalf even though they know that there is no clinical use for the cord tissue at the moment. We therefore simply ask that parents sign a disclaimer acknowledging this fact before we continue.
You make mention of an independent Escrow company. Why should this concern me?
As part of the inclusive price, you are being offered 25 years of storage for your child's stem cells. Biovault believes that the sum of you have paid for this storage should be held independent of Biovault and only released on an annual basis. In this way, if for any reason Biovault were unable to store the cells for the contracted period, funds are still available for an alternate provider to take over the storage responsibility.
Who controls the use of the preserved cord blood stem cells?
The mother, as the child's guardian, has control over the stem cells, until the child is of legal age. Stem cells will not be released by Biovault without the mother's consent or the child's consent, once they reach legal age.